A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Ludum Dei is a 72-hour game project made during Ludum Dare 38. As the God of this plane (or should i say sphere!), players sculpt their small world and provide for its denizens.

Your people need your help, oh god. Guide them through the ages of civilization by manipulating their small world to provide them the resources they will need to advance technologically and culturally. Raise mountains, carve valleys, grow trees, fill lakes, and much more and watch your people grow. You must discover what they need in each era through experimentation and careful observation.

Form skinny rivulets, great lakes, massive seas, turgid grasslands, coniferous forests, deep-delved mines, and monstrous peaks. Guide your people to enlightenment or leave them in ignorance.


Place resources to satisfy the needs of your civilization.

Resources may only be placed in the proper biome (for example, trees go in grasslands)

Biomes form my molding terrain and placing resources (for example, lower the land to create a valley; place water into a valley to create grasslands)

Listen to your people; they know what they need.


RightMouse to move Camera

Scroll to zoom in and out

RightMouse to Raise/Lower Terrain, Place Resources, and Select UI

X in top corner to close


Jack Herd - Programmer

Zachary Danz - Programmer, Composer

David Hall - Designer, Writer

William Wong - Designer, Artist

Jackson Ekis - Programmer

Built in Unity 5

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Apr 25, 2017
AuthorZachary Danz
Tagsgod, Ludum Dare 38, small, world
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Latin
LinksLudum Dare, Source code

Install instructions

Download for your OS and unzip


LudumDei_PostDare_Mac.zip 44 MB
LudumDei_Mac.zip 43 MB
LudumDei_PostDare_Windows.zip 40 MB
LudumDei_Windows.zip 39 MB