A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

J. Weatherman Jr. is a 3D weather simulator in which players forecast the weather by reading, interpreting, and synthesizing data from prediction instruments, both real and fictitious. Many of the inner workings of these enigmatic instruments are intentionally shrouded to the player to encourage player progression along with the evolution of the in-game avatar, who is himself an apprentice weatherman. It was created during the 2017 Global Game Jam at the site hosted by myself through the Student Game Developers at UVA.


Zach Danz - Director/Lead Programmer/Lead Designer

Jack Herd - Programmer
Sanjana Mendu - Programmer
Hasan Khan - Programmer
Nathaniel Saxe - Programmer

Annie Vu - Artist
Susannah Jones - Artist

Brian Burke - Audio

Wyatt Joyner - Designer
Simon Whittle
Wesley Daugherty - Designer
William Wong - Designer
Minsoo Choi - Designer


JWeathermanJrWindows.zip 121 MB
JWeathermanJrOSX.zip 124 MB